The Importance of Proper Sanitation Capabilities in Mobile Restroom Stations

In the day and age of extreme concern about the spread of contagious viruses, there’s never been a stronger need for proper sanitation. However, the average portable restroom isn’t equipped to meet those needs. Many feature a ‘receiving’ hole and you’re lucky if there’s a square to spare in the toilet paper holder.

Gone are those days, as modern portable restrooms like those at the Texas Loo are specifically designed to meet all the sanitation needs for construction sites, large events and other areas where bathrooms (or enough of them) aren’t available. Whether you need a short or long-term restroom rental, be sure that your workers or attendees have adequate hand washing stations with the following benefits in mind.

Putting Sanitation and Safety First

Whether it’s a job site, a gym, outdoor festival or a wedding, hygienic practices are a must after using the facilities. Remember, even if a worker will be touching pipes or wood, germs can lay on surfaces for days, making them a potential source of a serious contagion.

This is especially important if there will be food on site, which is more common at events, but even workers take lunch breaks—and we all go to the restroom. Those points being made, there are times when portable hand washing stations or suitable sanitation facilities are required by law.

When are Hand Washing and Sanitization Stations Required?

Sanitary conditions are a key ingredient to any event or activity zone that serves foods and drinks. Food vendors and preparers of such goods are required by law to wash their hands routinely, which makes having the right equipment necessary. Gloves don’t substitute for hand washing, and all utensils and equipment must also be thoroughly washed and sanitized to meet compliance codes.

Beyond meeting legal requirements, who wants to be responsible for making others sick? When hand washing sinks aren’t available and a full-service portable restroom isn’t viable, high-quality hand sanitizing foam stations can be a viable alternative. These are popular in supermarkets, gyms, farmers markets and warehouses.

Making a Memorable Impression

Outdoor events such as weddings and family reunions are special occasions that almost always involve food. Not to mention, guests are likely to don formal wear for some events, making port-o-potties a poor option. Take the guesswork out of planning for the calling of nature while ensuring that every guest can wash their hands in hot water and have sanitizer available after using luxurious toilet facilities. Sounds great, right? The Texas Loo can make that possible at your next event or on your work sites.

Sanitizing Options for Events and Work Sites

If you need an entire portable restroom, the Texas Loo offers a wide selection of sizes and styles that feature hot and cold running water capabilities. These are in-unit and are situated outside of stalls that contain standard toilets - exactly like a regular restroom - so you don’t sacrifice unneeded space or comfort.

These units are easily transported to your location, set-up for you, and then taken down and removed when your event is over. They are luxury restroom trailers that are ideal for high volume applications and special events. We can meet all of your portable restroom and sanitation needs here at The Texas Loo.


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