Long-Term Construction Projects That Warrant an Onsite Portable Restroom

Major construction projects require a good number of man-hours, and when people on the job need to clean up or handle their ‘business,’ having appropriate facilities nearby is essential. Whether your construction workers are busy with a brand new development or assisting with a commercial remodeling job, an onsite portable restroom will help minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Here are some long-term construction projects that will certainly have workers appreciating the presence of a necessary room right onsite.

Restroom Trailers for Road Construction Projects

Laying down asphalt to widen lanes and develop new roadways can take months and even years to complete. Even tasks like relaying pipelines and filling potholes can be time-consuming, which brings forth the question, where will workers relieve themselves while on the job? Strategically placed restroom trailers help keep workers near the construction site and reduces any need to utilize nearby facilities. Workers with accessible facilities ultimately feel safer, less distracted and more comfortable knowing that when nature calls, a place for resolution is nearby.

Major Construction of New Developments

Is your crew about to embark on a major construction project such as building a new hotel, restaurant or master planned community? Perhaps you have landed a contract for a big city or county contract that could take months or even years to complete. These situations will certainly leave workers needing an alternative to a functional bathroom facility.

Rest assured, that while neighboring businesses are likely to be amenable to your staff’s needs to use the restroom, after a long period, they could feel taken for granted. Alleviate the need for using other’s facilities by having your own onsite luxury restroom trailers. Not only will the entire crew appreciate the efforts, but it will help minimize any interruptions in the flow of the workday.

Remodeling of Major Businesses

Large jobs call for long-term contracts with contractors, so it only makes sense to have a publicly available restroom trailer for your staff. When you opt for luxury trailers instead of a basic port-o-potty rental, the facilities could even serve as a secondary restroom for the operation’s current staff when construction on the bath facilities takes place.

Whether the project is a large store, restaurant or strip center remodel, keeping staff nearby even when they need a break is a good fiscal decision. Less driving on the road in company vehicles ultimately increases time on the job and lessens responsibility should an accident occur while staff is trying to find a bathroom. When compared side-by-side, project managers will see the difference on their weekly and monthly comp reports reaffirming the solidarity of this investment.

Let The Texas Loo Keep You Connected

Stay connected with your workers even when it’s time for a bit of privacy by easing their efforts to answer nature’s call with a portable restroom solution that offers all the amenities a home bathroom does. Simply contact us online or call us at 832-283-2184, and let us know how we can help.

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