Hurricane Response & Portable Restrooms

What is the role of portable restrooms during emergencies such as hurricanes?

When a natural disaster hits a community, you don’t want to compound the problem by allowing a bathroom emergency also to occur. 

But unfortunately, when a major event like a hurricane happens, people are forced to evacuate from their homes, and the bathrooms they usually depend on are no longer available. They may have nowhere to go, with no friends, relatives, or neighbors available to let them have some shelter and a safe place to use the restroom. But when you have to go, there is no option to just hold it in.

Without access to bathroom facilities, an already miserable situation becomes progressively worse for the people being evacuated as well as the professionals who seek to help them in their time of need.

First responders also need a place to relieve themselves and get cleaned up when nature calls. Here is insight into the role these portable restrooms can play in a hurricane.

Providing Creature Comforts and a Way for People to Clean Up

Anxious, frightened individuals can feel a sense of normalcy when they finally have access to clean running water. They’ll also welcome the chance to clean up in a sanitary building when they have had to flee the comfort of their own home during a disaster.

A major benefit is promoting hygiene in the community, since people won’t have to resort to relieving themselves in the streets.

First responders, in particular need quick, reliable access to  portable restrooms since they can’t afford to waste time looking for a place to address their hygiene needs. If a paramedic, nurse, doctor, firefighter, or police officer cannot wash his or her hands as needed, it puts the public at risk when being rescued or assisted during the hurricane.

A portable restroom has all the basic amenities that you’d expect, such as flush toilets, toilet paper, and sinks with soap to wash up. It has the added benefit of being portable, so you can set it up where it’s needed the most in an emergency.

Don’t Get Left Without Facilities During the Next Hurricane

In terms of disaster preparation, it’s prudent to assume that it’s a matter of “when” and not “if” a hurricane will land in the community you support. If your area is already known to be prone to this severe weather phenomenon, it’s a good idea to plan now  to arrange for sufficient bathroom facilities when there is a disaster.

Being able to rent clean, well-constructed portable restrooms is essential for bringing people the basic comforts in their time of need.

The team at The Texas Loo, a family-owned and operated business, is standing by to answer any questions you might have about using portable restrooms to help support rescuers and evacuees alike during the chaos and confusion that occurs during a hurricane. To learn more about our approach to bathroom rentals or details about our inventory, please contact us today.

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