Why Your Event Should Have Restroom Trailers

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on 12 Nov, 2021

Every outdoor event requires the provision of restrooms. When the event is large enough, this is usually a legal requirement. For private events, the underlying need – sanitation – is still the same. This, however, does not mean that you have to use standard portable toilets. Your event will be much more pleasant if you upgrade to restroom trailers instead.

What are Restroom Trailers?

Restroom trailers provide a bathroom experience that is similar to what you would find inside a commercial building, rather than a "portable toilet" experience. Even though these trailers are mobile, users walk into facilities with stalls, nicer floors, sinks with countertops, and other amenities. This immediately provides a much nicer look and feel.

Are There Multiple Options Available?

Yes, you can get a wide variety of options with restroom trailers. Heating, air conditioning, full-length stall doors, and more are standard. The same goes for the floors, which are faux wood. Choose from configurations including single stalls, multiple stalls, or urinals and stalls. If you choose multiple stalls, you get several choices of how many will be in each trailer. You can also get a sink and vanity, or sinks with granite or other stone countertops. Different options may be suggested for different event types. Finally, you can choose to have music piped in through an AM/FM radio or a CD player.

These restrooms are available to meet all needs. ADA-compliant versions ensure that all of your guests can use the facilities.

Why Choose Restroom Trailers Over Portable Potties?

andrew-knechel-gG6yehL64fo-unsplash-1The experience of using the bathroom at your event is much better when you provide standard, plastic-walled portable toilets. Your guests will greatly appreciate this, especially after the bathroom has had many users. Restroom trailers stay cleaner and smell better. The overall surroundings are also much nicer, and this promotes good feelings for your event.

It's also easier for guests to use restroom trailers. The stalls are the size normally found in commercial environments, so there is no need for people to cram themselves in. Large stalls also give people more room to set their items down without having them land in something unsanitary.

Finally, the sinks in restroom trailers make it easy to complete personal hygiene needs like handwashing. When the optional hot water is present, it's just as pleasant as using a bathroom in a building.

There is no need for event-goers to feel like they're camping just because the event is outside. Bringing in restroom trailers ensures that visitors feel that they still have access to modern facilities and comforts. This makes it so that those who attend your event won't add negative bathroom comments to reviews about the experience, but instead, will rave about how every event should have bathrooms like yours.

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