Why Do I Need Mobile Restrooms?

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on 18 Jan, 2023

Portable restroom trailers have gotten a bad rap. When many people picture them they think of long lines such as those at marathons or one or two-day festivals or fairs. But why blame the portable restroom when too often it's the planners who have failed to order a sufficient number of restrooms to accommodate the large crowd? 

The only saving grace is that the lines move relatively quickly because people do their business in record time, so they can throw open the door and gasp for fresh air. Unpleasant as these self-contained minimal restrooms were, they were doing their job. But you may need more than the bare minimum. Here are a few instances when you will need a mobile restroom trailer.


Outdoor Marketplaces

If you're in charge of staging a summertime swap meet or farmer's market at a site that is not served by public restrooms, your vendors will need a place to relieve themselves during the day, as will their customers.

Providing clean, private mobile restroom facilities complete with sinks and faucets is also a great marketing idea that will bring you repeat business in the years to come.


Sporting Events

If you're a parks and recreation manager overseeing a site where Little League and intramural sports teams, use the fields for their games, the seasonal nature of the user may not warrant the town or municipality's spending money on constructing brick-and-mortar restrooms.

In this case, you will need a portable restroom for the boys and another for the girls, or perhaps a multi-stall portable restroom that contains private rooms with toilets for females and rooms with both a urinal and a stall for males. Not only will you be making the athletes and coaches happy campers, but those who cheer them on as well.


Construction Projects

If you're a contractor, your job is not only to provide a skilled team of workers for a project but also to make sure there are sanitary facilities for them to use throughout the day.

This is especially critical if the job involves constructing a building from the ground up, but even if it's a partial remodel job, the owner or property manager may not want workers clomping through in their construction boots and helmets disturbing tenants in other portions of the building. 

This goes double if you're working on a mall or retail strip filled with shoppers. In most cases, an ADA-compliant trailer complete with a toilet and sink should serve you and your crew well.


When Disaster Strikes

Hopefully, you'll never find yourself in this position but if your area is hit by one of the increasing numbers of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires that have been destroying everything in their paths the municipality that employs you will need to rebuild as soon as possible, so the people of the town can get back to what was once normal.  

The first step, whether it's digging through the mud, sifting through the ashes, or cleaning away glass, metal, bricks, or beams that used to be a home can take weeks or even months. This massive effort can be completed more efficiently if you provide mobile restrooms scattered around the area so workers and volunteers can use them and get back to work as soon as possible.


On the Boardwalk

It's not only bathers frolicking in the ocean and sun worshipers on the sand who need an alternative to (heavens to Betsy) using the water as their vast restroom, but those strolling along partaking of ice cream, cotton candy, hot dogs, beer, and whatever else boardwalk stands sell. Strategically placed multi-stall or multi-room mobile restroom trailers will serve your resort area well.

So whether you prefer the term restroom or what they aptly called in past times - "comfort stations", these are but a few of the instances where mobile restroom trailers can meet your needs. After all, everybody's gotta go!

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