Tailgating At Its Finest!

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on 12 Oct, 2022

The leaves are finally changing, crisp air blows through your home, and most importantly, football is back! Even if you live in a place where the leaves don't change and the air is hot, sports season is always a great reason to get excited. Along with sports comes tailgating, in all its delicious, rowdy glory, so hopefully, you're getting prepared.

Tailgating preparations involve seating, food, and friends, but have you considered bathroom accommodations? Are you going to trust restroom facilities for your epic tailgate to "whatever options are around"? While you're gathering materials for this season, consider including Texas Loo and our products in your prep list.

The Essential Tailgating Grocery Checklist:

If you're going to be really indulging in the smells and flavors of the season, you need to make sure you have everything you need. Consider classic tailgating recipes like:

  • Chili
  • Wings
  • BBQ
  • Ribs
  • Burgers and Brats

You have to consider what sides you'll want as well. Is your crowd into pasta salad or coleslaw? Chips are a must, as well as drinks like cold beer and soda. To truly make sure you don't miss anything at the store, you need to make a deliberate checklist of each main food, and what you'll need. Don't forget the condiments!

Tailgating Comforts

Do you have the folding chairs? What about umbrellas, coolers, ice, and blankets? Making sure to double-check if you have all the things that make you comfortable is incredibly important. Hoodies, hats, and gloves can turn a frigid tailgating experience into an incredible one.

One thing that many people don't consider, however, is where they're going to go to use the bathroom during a tailgate. Some places might have porta-potties around, or you could luck out and have access to a bathroom at a nearby friendly business. In most cases, however, you're going to need to be creative or plan ahead.

Luxury Restroom Rental

While porta-potties as most people know them to get the job done, they're not exactly pleasant. Even freshly cleaned ones are uncomfortable, smell bad, and have very little illusion of privacy. At The Texas Loo, we've made it our goal to create a much more comfortable portable bathroom experience.

Since 2011, our mobile "spas" have provided the utmost in clean, comfortable, and accommodating bathroom experiences at events ranging from tailgates to weddings and everything in between. Our facilities offer a range of sizes and extras to make your tailgate (or other events) truly pleasant without having to worry about bathroom uncertainty. Our spas have true mobility and storage capacity, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit your event's needs.

Our smallest unit still accommodates 150 people in comfort and style, with climate control, mirrored vanities, washing stations, urinals, and even AM/FM radio for ambient music. Our largest can handle a large crowd, with multiple stalls, climate control, Bluetooth capabilities, and hot water at the sinks.

We even have ADA-compliant restroom trailers to ensure that everyone at your party is comfortable and safe.

Make Sure You Truly Plan Your Next Tailgate This Season

If you want to maximize the comfort and experience of your guests for your tailgate, plan out every aspect from the food to the bathroom accommodations. Bring your best chairs, and warmest blankets, and call The Texas Loo to set up mobile bathroom facilities, unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

Our customer service team is waiting to help get the perfect mobile loo for your event, to ensure everyone has a great time. We service Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma and we'd love to help make your next event the best it can be. Contact us today to see what a difference The Texas Loo mobile restroom spas can make.



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