Supporting Staff Logistics with Portable Restrooms

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on 15 Apr, 2021

When it comes to logistics, the need for bathrooms doesn't get a lot of attention until they are needed, and then the lack of them becomes very apparent. While portable bathrooms may not win the award of the year for design and logistics performance, they are just as much an essential support system for your teams and personnel in the field as supplies, vehicles, equipment and medical attention as necessary.

In particular, portable restrooms really become necessary and part of core site planning when your teams are working in scenarios where local facilities and plumbing just don’t exist or have been turned off. Here are some examples.

Full Facility Renovations

When crews are working on a facility or building with a full tear out, more than likely theConstruction worker holding power drill in a new house power and the water have been turned off. With nothing working and more than likely the bathrooms themselves possibly missing having onsite portable restrooms are a must. Nobody should have to go traveling around the surrounding area or nearby food and gas stations just to find a bathroom. It's disruptive to the project as well as the productivity. With onsite resources, everyone is focused on the job and things stay on schedule without unnecessary delays.

Field Projects

Let’s face it, being out in the middle of nowhere is not enough of a reason to tell people to go find a bush. Not only is it an unreasonable condition, a lot of people just finding a place in nature is going to create an environmental mess that can actually result in real, long-lasting damage.

Things don’t biodegrade as quickly as people assume. With a sufficient set of portable restrooms maintained on a regular basis, field projects and base camps will function smoothly and won’t leave a lasting problem for the local environment after the project is completed and folks have left.

Emergency Conditions

Situations involving emergency can make everyday resources all of us rely on and take for granted disappear in a moment. Floods and tornadoes can make whole areas inaccessible or useless for basic function and sustenance. Evacuations and temporary relocations can overwhelm locations where people have to wait until the emergency is over.

Logistical nightmares can occur when simple, basic needs are not met, as was seen with the amphitheater fiasco in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in the mid-2005, the hottest time of the year. Portable restrooms might seem like an afterthought, but in these situations they can be a basic resource everyone needs and provides critical support for everyone’s basic daily function, both evacuee and emergency worker.

The Texas Loo team has been in this business for a long time, and we can help spec out what will be needed for large planned events, construction, temporary staffing or people surges and emergencies. Bring is into your logistics planning and take a basic but critical headache off the table. We’re here to help you make life easier for your folks.

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