Restroom Trailer Rentals for Job Sites & Other Long Term Events

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on Nov 20, 2018 1:31:00 PM

16' SIX STALL EXTERIOR When you think about portable toilets, you're probably picturing those small booths often seen in construction sites and concert venues. These single units have their place. However, for longer term events or situations with a lot of people, there's a better alternative. Restroom trailers offer comfort, style, and capacity at a reasonable price.

What Are Restroom Trailers?

Restroom trailers are trailers that have been specially fitted with multiple stalls. Unlike single units, these allow for multiple users. This cuts down on time waiting in line. They offer all of the amenities of a full restroom with the advantage of being portable. These trailers provide the convenience of facilities without you having to construct a full restroom.

Restroom Trailer Features

These trailers come in a number of configurations. They have varying numbers of stalls, handicap accessible features, and some include easy access ramps. Certain models are utilitarian, budget-friendly, and easy to sanitize even with heavy use or in muddy conditions like a construction site. Others incorporate luxury features like stereo music and faux wood floors. You can also find restroom trailers that are a hybrid between toilets and bathrooms. These include fully functional shower stalls.

When Do You Need a Restroom Trailer?

These restrooms are the solution to a wide variety of situations. Here are a few ways they're used:

Restroom trailers are perfect for long term events when building a bathroom is not practical or feasible. For instance, these trailers can add to the comfort of people attending a multi-day music festival or county fair. Because they don't require a sewer hookup, restroom trailers offer event planners flexible placement during setup.

Small, one-unit portable toilets are commonly seen on job sites. However, a restroom trailer may be a better option. If you're working with a large crew, you don't want downtime as they wait in line. Restroom trailers also feature a high capacity waste tank. This means you won't need to have them serviced as often as smaller portable toilets.

Work sites in remote locations present a unique set of problems to be solved. Places like oil and gas jobs likely won't have sewer and water access. However, the people working there do need restrooms and a way to clean up. A restroom trailer with shower stalls allows you to offer your workers everything they need in one conveniently placed location.

What about if the unexpected strikes your business? For instance, what if flooding or freezing weather damages your company's plumbing? A restroom trailer is a fast, effective solution. It will allow you to keep your business going, caring for employee and customer needs while you make necessary repairs.

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