Reasons to Consider Portable Restroom Trailers for Mardi Gras Events

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on Mar 20, 2019 1:33:14 PM
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Lovely couple in Carnival PartyMardi Gras is a time of celebration where friends, families and random party-goers hit the streets in search of fun, music, beads and libations. Whether the event is a parade, festival or all-day event, most attendees will find a need to hit the loo for relief. Ensure that potty breaks aren’t party poopers by foregoing traditional port-o-potties and opting for high-end restroom trailers instead. Because they feature multiple stalls, there’s less waiting in line, but that’s not the only reason to consider restroom trailers for Mardi Gras festivities.

A Touch of Class vs. a Touch of Crass

There is no denying the lack of appeal when one steps inside a port-o-potty — even if it’s freshly cleaned. However, during busy Mardi Gras events, it’s likely that these tiny toilet boxes will get dirty rather quickly and ramp up the cringe factor. With a luxury restroom trailer, attendees can enjoy the comfort of normal-sized indoor facilities. These loos stay clean, have real flushing toilets and amenities such as nice flooring and countertop sinks.

Think About the Safety and Comfort of Children

Traditional portable toilets barely have room for one adult to maneuver around inside, making it virtually impossible to bring children into the cubicle. This means that helping kiddos do their business inside is challenging, changing a diaper is impossible, and a parent may have to leave children unattended outside the port-o-potty while they use the facilities. This is very dangerous at busy events, and certainly could discourage people from even going to begin with.

For the Sake of Sanitation

Not having the ability to wash your hands after using the restroom is highly unsanitary, but with high-end portable toilet trailers, you can have it all — even hot water. Restroom trailers are equipped with vanities, sinks and soap holders so that every attendee at your Mardi Gras event will exit the restroom ready to rejoin the festivities clean and confident.

Heating and Cooling for Any Weather

Whether the temperature is hot, cold or somewhere in between, those using trailer facilities don’t have to suffer through a freezing toilet seat or the retched smell of hot port-o-potty tanks. There are plenty of models that boast climate-control features to keep temperatures stable inside the restroom trailer to ensure guests’ comfort. Because the weather during Mardi Gras is so unpredictable, booking a restroom trailer can mean the difference between a successful event and a poorly attended one.

Consider Accessibility for All

Port-o-potties with easy access for mobility-challenged individuals are rarely seen at events, and getting up that step can be a burden on those dependent on mobility devices. However, Texas Loo offers luxury restroom solutions that are certified ADA Handicap Accessible, so everyone can enter the facilities with ease. These models also feature a wheelchair-sized stall, which you’ll never find within a traditional unit.

Make your Mardi Gras event stand out above the rest with comfortable, stylish and affordable restroom trailers — contact us at The Texas Loo. We are here to serve your needs in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana with numerous models and layouts of luxury portable restrooms.

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