Planning for an Outdoor Event in 2020

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on Sep 24, 2020 4:38:45 PM
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If you’re considering an outdoor event (many of which call for social distancing and various restrictions on crowding due to COVID-19) then you also need to consider various logistics that need to be in place to handle the expected crowd. Otherwise, your event is going to be a bust very quickly, especially if you make the mistake of relying on existing area public facilities to handle everything. So, here’s a checklist to keep in mind based on the size of your event:

  • Get the Event Location Map – There are certain places where you will be able to set up your event, location, amenities and logistics. Others will have to be kept clear. Think about access, for both your operations as well as event goers. Also anticipate how to bring in equipment and what kind of vehicles can drive in to unload and load equipment. These factors will impact what you can bring into the event and where to locate them strategically so as not to cause a traffic jam or blockage.
  • Check for Permits – Different event types require different permitting. This is essential for both noticing the various city or county agencies who regular event aspects a heads up what’s going to occur as well as the assign their staff to review or even visit the event to regulate. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed missing a permit for logistical equipment absolutely necessary for the event, like latrines.andrew-knechel-gG6yehL64fo-unsplash
  • Plan for the Weather – Weather can have a huge impact on your logistical demand. For example, if you know the event is going to be a very hot day, plan on extra latrines and wash stations as people will be drinking more to stay hydrated and cool down. If it’s going to be wet, plan for additional walk tracks as fields can turn in mud pits very quickly with a lot of walking.
  • Do You Need Electrical Support – If power supply is needed for are lighting and similar, permitting and precautions will also need to be taken care of ahead of time.
  • Match Your Projected Headcount with Equipment – Plan a projected headcount for your equipment need, like the number of restrooms and wash stations needed, and have a Plan B if you end up with even more than your target. Also anticipate cleaning schedules and re-supply that will be needed and how frequently.
  • Have a Clear Sanitation Location – Restroom trailers should be on level ground with easy truck access. A rule of thumb is 1 trailer or stall per 50 attendees, but it could be adjusted for weather and alcohol drinking. Anticipate accessibility issues as well so everyone can access properly.
    • If you’re going to have 300-400 attendees, you will need an 6-8 stall unit or equal number of stations.
    • For 500-600 expect a need for an 8-10 stall trailer or similar number of restrooms.
    • Anticipate as well for every 100 people at least 1 ADA accessible unit or an ADA unit that can handle a person and helper.

Our extensive line of Texas Loo sanitation trailers and wash stations can make your event planning incredibly easier. We have sufficient trailers for all types of events, from outdoor concerts to rodeos to festivals. And we are ready to roll given how much demand there is now for safe social distancing.

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