More Than One Way to Go: Restroom Trailers Can Make Your Event a Success

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on 17 Dec, 2022
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Woodstock was a seminal event in American pop culture history, but not everyone who attended had the same experience.

Many of the half million who trekked to the 3-day festival in upstate New York in 1969 came away raving about peace, love, and music.

Others, however, probably remembered more the epic traffic jams, mud-covered grounds, and a real lack of restroom facilities.

“It turns out there were only 600 toilets available for the estimated 500,000 people who attended the festival,” reported Consumer Reports, which for comparison said that Yankee Stadium has 843 toilets for 52,000 fans at baseball games.

Forget “potty parity” this was just a case of “potty disparity” with some fans missing The Who singing “My Generation” while stuck in long portable bathroom lines.

“Granted, far fewer folks were expected and certainly many in the crowd likely went the alfresco route, but can you imagine the bathroom mayhem with only one toilet for every 833 attendees?” asked Consumer Reports.

Pass on the Portable Toilets for These Long-Term Alternatives

Let’s face it, the perception of portable toilets at festivals and events, provided by businesses when they have workers and/or customers outdoors, falls somewhere on the pleasure plane between stepping on a rusty nail and having a root canal done.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for businesses and event organizers, luxury mobile restroom trailers that can keep attendees, customers, and workers comfortable for both short-term and long-term bathroom needs.

The need for these must-have facilities ranges from:

  • Workers on projects that require field work away from permanent restrooms.
  • Construction project workers from single-family homes to high-rise skyscrapers.
  • Outdoor trade shows, conferences, carnivals, fairs, and other events where attendees – and workers – need close, clean restrooms.
  • Pop-up restaurants and other on-the-move hospitality
  • Mobile medical events such as COVID testing and other services that draw patients to outdoor staging areas.
  • Sporting events where fans will be tailgating and gathering in outdoor areas prior to, and after, the event.
  • Businesses where their permanent restroom facilities are under repair or renovation and not accessible.

“Having a comfortable, clean place to use the restroom allows productivity to remain high and customers and event goers will thank you,” says Tom Walters of The Texas Loo. “Public restroom trailers offer greater benefits than smaller portable toilets when used at sites as a long-term solution. These restroom rentals provide extra amenities suitable for extensive use while being sleek and portable enough to place up at the sight.”

Long-Term Restroom Trailers are ADA Accessible

One of the great features of long-term restroom trailers is that they can help your business and/or event remain ADA compliant.

“Long-term restroom trailers can provide a single ADA room and an ADA room attached to a two-stall restroom to provide outdoor bathroom access to people with disabilities and mobility issues,” explained Walters.

College campuses, sporting venues, convention centers, and medical facilities have all made use of long-term restroom trailers to provide easy access to bathrooms for those in wheelchairs and others who make use of mobility devices.

The extra space in restroom trailers compared to traditional portable toilets also allows for helpers to assist those with mobility needs.

Patients that need ADA-accessible restrooms, before and after any testing, can make use of long-term restroom trailers, which also conveniently feature sinks and hand-drying stations.

 When Workers Need Shower Facilities

You do not have to hang out with Mike Rowe to know that there are a lot of “dirty jobs” in Texas.

Sometimes it is essential for employers to provide shower facilities for employees and workers to wash off immediately while working in the field or remotely.

These shower facilities, which can be needed for the health of workers in toxic or harmful situations, or for the comfort alone of workers who need to clean off after a long shift, can be provided by long-term restroom trailers.

“There are three shower/restroom spaces provided in a single trailer to offer privacy so several workers can wash off and change from their protective clothing before leaving for home,” said Walters.

Long-Term Restroom Trailers Make Business Sense

For some businesses, the idea of portable toilets just does not make sense, either aesthetically or keeping in line with their business brand.

Long-term restroom trailers can add a luxury element to a needed facility that will blend into a professional setting with many of the interiors mimicking traditional indoor restrooms found in office buildings.

“The interior appears as a normal office restroom while providing hot water for hand-washing use,” said Walters.

These long-term restroom trailers offer customers and employees comfortable amenities that can include:

  • Wood doors separating toilet space from sink areas
  • Paneled wood walls
  • Faux wood floors and marble countertops
  • In-cabin music

How you treat your customers and employees, including the restroom facilities you provide for their use, makes a statement about your business, and helps drive loyalty.

Contact The Texas Loo today about providing your customers, attendees, and employees with luxury mobile restroom trailers.

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