Luxury Restroom Trailers: A Better Option Than Portable Toilets for any Event

When hosting an event, more often than not the host needs to secure portable restrooms for the guests to use. We’ve all had to use a portable toilet at some point in our lives, and I’m willing to bet that we all feel the same way about them – YUCK. If you want your event to be a cut above the rest, nix the porta-potties and rent luxury mobile restroom trailers.

With luxury mobile restroom trailers you get a portable bathroom for your guests that will NOT make them cringe. They are clean and have the comforts and size of a normal indoor restroom. Our fleet contains several mobile restroom options of different sizes and for different event needs.

We have restroom trailers that have single stalls or multiple stalls, women’s stalls, men’s stalls & urinals, or both. Some of the features available in our luxury mobile restroom trailers include:

  • Stalls with full-length paneled wood doors
  • Vanity with sinks
  • Hot water option
  • Beautiful faux wood floors
  • Stone or granite countertops
  • AM/FM stereo/CD player for in-cabin music
  • AC and heating
  • ADA Handicap Accessible trailers

 This sounds much more appealing than a porta-potty, no? Please your guests and take your event to the next level with luxury restroom trailers.

Considering luxury mobile restroom trailers for your next event?

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