Long-Term Restroom Trailers: Better Alternatives for Businesses

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on Jul 22, 2019 10:24:00 AM
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Many businesses perform work projects outside. Workers are servicing oil and gas processing lines. Construction companies are building structures as small as homes and as large as city development projects. Convention centers hold trade shows, conferences and fairs as demonstrations are performed outside where there is plenty of room for exhibitioners and attendees. Even medical centers provide mobile medical trailers where they may perform imaging tests and other services for patients.

Having a place for workers, patients and exhibitors to use the restroom allows work productivity to remain high while people can efficiently obtain services. Public restroom trailers offer greater benefits than smaller portable toilets when used at sites as a long-term solution. These restroom rentals provide extra amenities suitable for extensive use, while being sleek and portable enough to place up at the sight. Here are additional advantages on why restroom trailers are the better alternative for businesses versus the smaller portable toilets.

ADA Accessibility

Long-term restroom trailers can provide a single ADA room and an ADA room attached to a two-stall restroom to provide outdoor bathroom access to people with disabilities and mobility issues. This set up is convenient for medical institutions, as well as convention centers, sporting venues and college campuses. It provides ample space for wheelchairs and other mobility devices to move and turn around, as well as allowing helpers to assist the person. In addition, these trailers feature a sink and hand-drying station. Patients who have to use mobile medical trailers can use the ADA accessible trailer before and after testing.

Offers Shower Features for Workers

For construction and demolition projects that can take months or years to complete, having a place to wash off is essential to the health of construction workers. The shower stall is combined with the restroom within the trailer as it also features a sink space. There are three shower/restroom spaces provided in a single trailer to offer privacy so several workers can wash off and change from their protective clothing before leaving for home.

Smartly Designed for Businesses

Some businesses may avoid placing in a portable toilet on their properties due to the stark and cold design features that may clash with the architectural design of the outdoor space. Yet long-term restroom trailers are built to blend into the professional settings while providing more elaborate interior designs. The interior appears as a normal office restroom while providing hot water for hand-washing use. Many trailers feature wood doors separating the toilet space from the sink area, as paneled wood walls, faux wood floors and marble countertops will appeal to a business professional's highest tastes. In addition, luxury long-term restroom trailers also feature in-cabin music played from either a radio or CD.

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Comfortable Long-Term Restrooms

To keep your workers productive on the jobsite and to prevent your guests from leaving the outdoor space, consider placing in a long-term restroom trailer. Long-term restroom trailers provide the space and amenities suitable for a range of business industries who are looking for outdoor portable toilets.


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