Hurricanes and Natural Disasters Call For Texas Loo

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on Jul 14, 2020 12:53:00 PM
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Hurricanes are increasing in frequency and strength around the world. Whether they are due to climate change or the complex workings of Mother Nature, there’s no denying that hurricanes, cyclones and tropical storms are forces to be reckoned with. In 2019 and 2020 alone, Texas was struck by two powerful weather events. One was Tropical Storm Imelda, which made landfall near Freeport, Texas. The slow and unpredictable path of this storm caused wide-ranging and disastrous flooding over much of southeastern Texas. Hurricane Hanna made landfall in South Texas in July of 2020. Almost 90,000 residents lost power and water from this monster of a storm that reached 90 MPH winds. Hurricane preparedness is the best course of action going forward.

The Importance of Sanitary Stations

In any natural disaster, it’s critical to have sanitary stations available for both victims and responders . Lack of proper sanitation leads to secondary problems like fecal contamination in the water supply, which endangers all of the population. As witnessed in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, poor sanitation planning causes sickness and even leads to fatal consequences.

The Texas Loo Solution to Sanitation

Texas Loo provides portable, high quality sanitation solutions to Raincoated man walking in storm with glowing lantern in his handareas stricken by natural disasters like hurricanes, cyclones and tropical storms. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico as Texas is, Texas Loo is the perfect sanitation solution for victims and emergency personnel.

What Texas Loo Offers

When disaster strikes, Texas Loo offers portable sanitary “porta potties” that can be located where they are needed most. Whether you need sanitary stations in area neighborhoods, near emergency centers or even on your private property, Texas Loo can help. These units offer sanitary conditions to ensure that waste matter is isolated and secured; away from human gatherings and, most importantly, away from the water supply.

Texas Loo has units of varying capabilities to accommodate everything from smaller populations to vast crowds. There’s no need to worry about over-filling units to capacity, because Texas Loo picks up and replaces units as well as delivers them on-site. When a unit is full, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Personal Hygiene Needs

In a hurricane or other natural disaster, running water is often cut off. Personal hygiene is important for safety, but also for morale. Certain Texas Loo models offer hand washing stations and/or showers for the population to use. This lets victims and emergency responders have a clean, sanitary and private place to use the loo lavatory facilities, wash up and maintain hygiene. In addition, Texas Loo units make a great part of an emergency triage area, since victims can have wounds safely disinfected and treated in a sanitary environment.

Don’t wait for the next hurricane to come before planning with Texas Loo. If your commercial enterprise or emergency agency is in Texas, contact Texas Loo. Let us know that you’d like to be on our list to receive emergency porta potties. You don’t have to let us know ahead of time, but it helps to have plans in place. We’re here for you.

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