COVID-19 Community Response

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on Apr 9, 2020 12:54:52 PM
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COVID-19 has created an incredible demand for clean, sanitary conditions everywhere. Shelter-in-place orders are in place around the world. New emergency response services are popping up along streets and in dense cities as they prepare for the worst to occur. COVID-19 isn’t just about the initial peak, but the ongoing care so many people will need until a vaccine is in hand. That’s why it’s so important to have access to the necessary equipment to create these sanitary conditions, especially in field response.

Developing COVID-19 Response in the Community

From small, rural communities to large cities, developing a response to the COVID-19 pandemic is everyone’s goal. It’s possible to establish mobile testing stations, medical labs, and base camp locations in parking lots. Hospitals that do not have the space to manage a large influx of patients need more space outside, perhaps in the parking lots or nearby empty buildings.

It’s possible to establish this type of response virtually anywhere. Triage and field hospitals can be set up quickly. It’s also possible to build highly reliable, quality units, and decontamination and disinfecting areas. The right company can establish air scrubbers as well – all with the goal of creating a place to quickly isolate, treat, and release those who have COVID-19 without putting the rest of the public at risk.

Consider the Need for Restroom Trailers as Well

A key component that’s often underutilized is the use of restroom trailers that work in unison with these mobile medical setups. There’s no doubt mobile restrooms are a critical component to these base camp setups. It’s not feasible to allow individuals who are ill or workers supporting those individuals to walk into a hospital or medical center nearby for restroom access. Mobile restroom trailers offer a better solution.

More so, mobile restroom trailers are far more effective and efficient than using traditional port-o-potty style setups. They are far more sanitary. Cleaning and sanitizing them on a routine basis is easier to do and can be completed quickly. They can also be moved from place to place as often as necessary, such as due to changing conditions in one area or another.

Perhaps the most important benefit of a mobile restroom trailer is access to running water. With COVID-19 and any other virus, the best layer of protection comes from keeping a person’s hands clean. Unlike port-o-potty setups, mobile restroom trailers have running water to allow for routine hand-washing in a sanitary environment.

Creating a Cohesive Plan for Treatment

With overflowing hospitals and the need to isolate so many people, having a mobile response is critical. The setup of mobile testing in communities and field hospitals to provide immediate treatment has proven to be essential. Coupling this with the use of mobile restroom trailers facilitates an efficient manner to respond to a fast-changing medical need. A cohesive plan like this can provide for the very best level of protection in any environment, especially when there is such an important need to respond quickly to changing conditions.

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