Basic Requirements for Successful Restroom Trailer Set-up for Your Event

Posted by The Texas Loo Content Team on 17 May, 2023
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Wedding planners, event coordinators, festival organizers, and others in charge of big events have a lot on their plate.

Hiring an experienced company like The Texas Loo to provide luxury mobile restroom trailers checks off an important box to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and guests are kept comfortable.

There are, however, some basic requirements for a successful restroom trailer set-up that can ensure smiles all around when the event commences.

First Step: Determine Appropriate Restroom Trailer Sizes

Of course, the first step after selecting your mobile restroom trailer vendor is to choose the appropriate size trailer.

Your event may be large enough that you require multiple trailers of various sizes, especially if your event will be spread out over a large area.

Fortunately, The Texas Loo has a multitude of luxurious comfort stations to rent, including:

  • 28-foot, 11-stall Satellite “Spa”
  • 25-foot, 10-stall Satellite “Spa”
  • 24-foot, 9-stall “Presidential”
  • 23-foot, 8 and 9-stall “Advantage Plus”
  • 20-foot, 8-station “Millennium”
  • 17-foot, 6-stall “Spa”
  • 16-foot, 6-stall “Presidential”
  • 16-foot, 6 and 7-stall “Advantage Plus
  • 14-foot, 3-room “Spa”
  • 14-foot, 5-stall “Advantage Plus”
  • 14-foot, 4-stall “Spa”
  • 14-foot, 3-room “Lux”
  • 14-foot, 3-room “Millennium”
  • 12-foot, 2-room “Spa”
  • Unisex ADA-compliant restroom trailer
  • Unisex ADA-compliant restroom trailer by Satellite Suites

Other Essentials: Water, Power, and Location

Finding the right luxury restroom trailer provider and choosing the appropriate models for your event is a big hurdle, but there are other important considerations to make sure all your guests are happy.

Some of the basic requirements for a successful restroom trailer set-up include:

  • Power: Mobile restroom trailers typically have a simplified electrical design with most trailers able to operate with as few as one to two dedicated 20 amp circuits.

For The Texas Loo, trailers with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 stalls need one dedicated circuit non-GFI of 110 volts/20 amps. Trailers with 8, 9, 10, 11, and ADA trailers need two circuits. If the heater is needed for bigger trailers, then three circuits will be required. If there is an “artic package” installed (for constant freezing temperatures), then a trailer may need four dedicated 20-amp circuits.

The power source needs to be within 100 feet of the trailer location.

  • Water: All trailers should be within 50 feet of a water hose connection. The Texas Loo provides all hoses and cords needed for hookups.

A ¾ inch hose will be connected to the inlet for filling a freshwater tank or accessing city water.  A built-in regulator maintains the water pressure between 40-60 psi, the optimum amount for operating the trailer’s water system. There is a water pressure gauge in the service area for monitoring the pressure. If the incoming water pressure exceeds 100 psi, reduce the pressure at the original source.

An inline shut-off valve is used for switching from the fresh water tank to city water as needed. There is an in-line shut-off valve to drain freshwater tanks.

  • When Power and Water are Unavailable: There may be times when power and water are not available at your event for your restroom trailers.

Most trailers have an onboard water tank that can be filled before the event and holds 200 gallons of water (which accommodates up to 600 flushes).

As for power, your mobile restroom trailer provider usually can provide a generator for an additional fee.

Some trailers come equipped with a 12-volt, Group 24 battery located on the tongue of the trailer that can be used to operate the basic functions of the trailer. Those functions include the interior and exterior lights and fan. The length of time the battery system will function depends on the number of guests using the trailer. The potential range is approximately 1 to 12 hours. The 12-volt switch is in the service area.

  • Location, Location, Location: The most luxurious restroom trailers in the world will not make a difference if you have not chosen the right location to put them.

Ideally, a flat surface is good but there are ways to level trailers: This is done by using telescoping jacks mounted to the back and front of the trailer, depending on the model.

Also, all trailers are 11 feet, 8 inches tall so there cannot be any low-hanging limbs, power lines, or other obstructions located where the restroom trailers are being placed.

Finally, make sure the location of your luxury restroom trailers is accessible to all your guests, including those with disabilities, and choose a location that works with your event flow and layout.

Some event organizers like to have restroom trailers near entrances/exits for guests arriving and leaving.

Keep in mind the ease of delivery, set-up, and removal when choosing your location.

After you have chosen your location for your restroom trailers, use well-marked signage to direct guests to them.


If you have questions about setting up restroom trailers for a successful event, please contact the experts at The Texas Loo, which has been in the business for nearly 20 years, and has one of the largest fleets of rental restroom trailers in the state of Texas, servicing events from the Super Bowl to the NCAA Final Four.


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